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Kim Robinson has been a salesman all his life and, like many of us, he started in door-to-door sales when he was a little boy selling tickets to an event. Unlike most of us, he went back to door-to-door sales when he was in his mid-thirties. His employer had closed down during an economic downturn and he desperately needed a paycheck so he became a part-time door-to-door sales rep for the local cable company. It was to be only temporary while he looked for something better, but he quickly started making good sales and earning a nice income and his part-time desperation job turned into a long-lasting and very lucrative career. He’s been selling, managing sales teams and training and coaching salespeople for decades and has published over 20 articles about consultative sales, leadership and motivation. Originally from the San Francisco bay Area, he moved his family to The Fun Capital of the Midwest (aka Des Moines, Iowa) in 2001 and, along with his wife, raised two beautiful and scary smart daughters. Please visit his website at This is his first book.